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Get 2 FREE bright light parade songs.. šŸ˜€
All you have to do is go to.. and then click on media and sign up for our mailing list.. šŸ˜€
We will not spam you will a whole bunch of non-sense. promise. šŸ˜€

also.. check out our friends PILOT FOR KITE they are coming out with a new album in the fallish time.. and they have this awesome deal.. so go check out their blog here..! šŸ˜€
Love you all šŸ˜€
<333BLP Reps

In October – Tickets on sale in June

Redemption Rocks!Concert Reps

New EP: Qualified!

Hi Myspace Family! Kingdom Business Band is running a fundraiser to help reach the production goals of their new EP called Qualified. To view the ad in full, go to Help us reach our goal, and in turn you will be blessed abundantly! God Bless You, KB Reps


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