Stephanie Smith will be @ Creation Festival


Hello Everyone!

It has been a whirlwind the past few weeks. I apologize for slacking off on my posts! I have some exciting news however… a life long goal/dream of mine is going to come true on June 26th when I perform on Main Stage of Creation Festival in Mt Union, PA. I went to Creation for the first time in 1998 when I was 14 and I saw dcTalk for the first time, live in concert. I remember staking my claim to the front row, center spot around late morning or lunchtime and refusing to budge until show time around 9 o’clock in the evening. It was so important to me, one of my youth leaders promised to help me fight for my spot all day in the blistering hot sun. Yes, I was that kid.
The show was amazing of course, but I also fell in love with music festivals that weekend. I returned year after year and soaked up the dusty, hot, sweaty days cooking on little stoves, sleeping in tents, meeting new friends and hearing great speakers and musicians challenge me in my walk. It was always a high. Once I even slept for 21 hours straight after I got home.
Well folks… Its my turn! And you’re all invited 😉 come see my band and I rock the summer heat on June 26th! I remember watching people on that huge stage thinking “Someday, I want to perform there.” God is so gracious to allow a little girls dream to come true. Its been hard work, and I still can get so discouraged sometimes, but I never want to take for granted that God is allowing this. He is so good, and I am so grateful. I hope you will get to come check out a show this summer!
If not- watch out for some exciting things in the fall.

Also, check out so I can stay in touch with you better, let you know updates and even share new music with you first!

Stephanie Smith Reps


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