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Songs Avaliable Online Now

Hi Friends!
All my songs are avaliable online (on my page) now! If you are interested Please check them out and show your support! Blessings on you and your week!
Kristine Oliver Reps

Latest Album Review – Encomium: The Day Love Came

Checkout the album review –

Northwest Christian Music Reps

New Blog

Just posted a new blog about the last two days. It’s a kinda long one, but man…so much stuff happened. I’m working on a video blog about it, but that’ll be in a bit.

Justin(FireFlight Reps)

"Forever Love" on MySpace!

Hey friends –

I’m really excited to announce that one of my songs, “Forever Love”, is being used in a new online series called Married On MySpace!

The show debuts today on MySpace and follows one couple over 15 weeks as they get engaged, plan their wedding, and get married, all on MySpace! The show will be featuring “Forever Love” during a video clip where we get to see how the couple got engaged.

You can check out the episode this week at!

– Francesca Battistelli Reps

Watch Donnie McClurkin’s “The Great I Am” Video!


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