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The Soulyfe Café is back!

Enjoy an evening of R&B, Neo Soul & Smooth Jazz featuring Pittsburgh’s own Carolyn Perteete here on Friday, May 29th at 9pm. Cover charge is $7. Only for 18 and older.

Mount Ararat Baptist Church Reps

Felicidades en su dia

Que Dios bendiga a todas las madrecitas en este dia tan especial, que el Rey de gloria les colme de las mas ricas bendiciones hoy y siempre, y que en la eternidad le de a cada una de las mas mdres un lugar junto a el para vivir eternamente.

Su hermano y amigo Miguel Marin. Quien les admira, les ama y las quiere mucho.
Miguel Marin Reps

Pre Order PILOT FOR KITE’s new album??

Anyone that thinks this is a good idea please send us a message and put “New Album” in the subject line. We are thinking that we might give away an exclusive T-shirt for anyone that pre orders the album. Hit us up if this is a good idea.

Thanks to all of you who have already sent us a message!!! It means a lot.

-God Bless,

Download Monday

If you are a Jesus Freak then you are going to like PBC new single “I’m A Jesus Freak”! If you want to listen to this song click on the link below:
If you’re having trouble downloading this song then Click here .

Christian Artists


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