Watch the "Nothing to Say" documentary on Tangle


So, some of you may know that we made a documentary called, “Nothing to Say,” that followed my vocal chord surgery, and season of silence as I recovered from that difficult time. Wanted to let you know that now you can watch the documentary on

The film is being broken up into 4 segments, and each Friday, a new segment will be posted on their website along with a description of that segment. Segment #1 is up today, so please check it out! And each week, after you watch the segment, check back here, I will be posting a blog that explains further some of the lessons I feel like God taught me during that part of my trial.

I made that film not knowing if I was ever going to sing again. And when I watch it on, I am reminded just how tough a time that was for me in my life. My hope is that when people watch this documentary, they can be reminded that the same God who walked with me and spoke to me through my surgery, will walk with you through your tough time. And I think we can all agree, these are TOUGH times.


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