My cup is all most dry

In GOSPEL, MINISTRIES, Organizations on April 28, 2009 at 10:09 pm

My cup is almost dry & my hopes are at the edge of the steep cliff of life. It has been over 10 years I have been trying to help Children & I am getting many doors closed within my face. More within these last days then ever before that doors just do not open to this ministry what so ever. Even though we have 501-C3 Non for Profit my own family AKA my older evil seed brother Thomas P Woetko, owner of Global Artist Group LLC. said that he would help the cause at hand and did nothing at all to even try to help us but tried to scam us in using our Non for Profit for hotel discounts and other types of savings for his worldly bands and friends that just do not care about anything but making a fast buck.

So this goes to show that you can not even trust your own flesh and blood. Plus once a conman always a conman it seems. Please note that to this very day we have helped many through out the 10 years and never did receive to many donations from people other then our own members. As we enter into these last days I have also noticed that many people just do not want to help anyone that is not on TV or some type of Mega Preacher.

Please forgive me that I can not say, that you will get a large house or a big car, even a 7 fold return if you help this ministry for the childrens sake. But what I can say is that you will put a smile on a childs face and make his or her life a little brighter within these last days..

We are in need of help from anyone that is willing to help us help the children today it does not matter if you attend Church or not because I am not here to judge you if you are Jew, Catholic Muslim, Born Again or Back or White. For we just need some help even if it some volunteers willing to help us do the repairs that is needed within Ohio on the building to house this Ministry..

Please if there is any of you that can help in any way to help these children that we strive to help please contact me. or call the phone numbers are on the page.

God Bless You All.

Pastor Frank

PS: We need someone that can fix our wheelchair transportation van. We think it may need a New Motor & Transmission. It is a humble 1994 Ford E150 that is broken down within our parking lot in Bucyrus Ohio.


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