NEW SONG….By popular

In CHRISTIAN RAP, CHRISTIAN ROCK on April 23, 2009 at 5:32 pm

Well, yall kept asking for it to here it is : ) It was really just a song I wrote for TV to make introducing special guests from the audience more interesting. Then everybody start singing it and it became the JAM ! So I added some fun verses…(cause it was really only a drumbeat that I would talk over and welcome people to the studio program LIVE)…then nobody wanted to stop singing it,….so I started to sing it at churches and they liked it more than anything else I was singing that night….Now its totally out of control.. .LOL Well here it is…You tell me what you think ? …Oh and in case I forget..”I’m so gald to see your face, up here in this place”

Carman Reps



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