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Our trailer is dead. On our way back from Spokane last Saturday (5/19) our trailer that we were borrowing until we could afford our own broke down from wear and tear and too much weight (it was old). We were eventually able to fix it enough to the point where we could haul it home empty but are most likely not going to be able to use it much (if at all) in the future. This presents us a with huge problem. We play many non-local shows, some outside of washington, and our van is not able to hold everything inside.

This is where we are asking for help. We as a band our trying our best to save up our own money so hopefully with ours and the money we raise, we can buy an enclosed trailer to bring our equipment and keep it dry and safe. If you feel like you could spare any amount of money for us we would appreciate it so much. If you would like to help we will have a “trailer jar” out at all our shows. We also have a paypal on our myspace, or you can talk to us in person or any contact below.
Thank you so much for your support

Jacob, Drew, Honorius, Thomas – Talk Jonny

Jacob – (cell: 253-973-1653) text or call
Drew –
Honorius – (cell: 253-310-5109) call
Thomas – (cell: 360-536-3593) text or call


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