Bismarck ND Flood&Blizzard Victims/Volunteers-April 2ndOnly

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Hello Everybody,

Our local Bismarck and surrounding communities need your help in getting this message out to the public.

I know this is very short notice, but tomorrow (Friday April 2nd) starting at 4 pm the Little Caesars Love Kitchen will be at the Bismarck Civic Center serving Free Pizza to our area residents who have been devastated by the flood and blizzard and also the volunteers who worked so hard to keep our community safe. This unexpected flood and blizzard were thrown upon us and put a lot of people out of their homes and created a very stressful time for everyone.

The Little Caesars Love Kitchen travels to disaster stricken areas (ie- Hurricane Katrina, World Trade Center) throughout the country to feed the victims of these devastations. The local Salvation Army volunteers will be coordinating this event, Little Caesars in Bismarck will be donating all the food and staff, and Pepsi will be donating beverages, Balloons for kids donated by American Welding.

Please do what you can to let the community know about this event and forward this message as soon as you can.

You can contact Major Lee Morrison w/ the Salvation Army – 701-319-0182 (or myself 701-471-9451) if you have any questions.

I also attached a press release and link to give you some information regarding the Little Caesars Love Kitchen. Also if interested please, if you can, stop by and “help help” Caesar Man hand out pizza and please don’t leave hungry.

Thank You for Everything,
Randy and Lisa Rhone
Little Caesars, Bismarck

Club House Party Reps


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