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For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you have the opportunity to download Leeland’s current album, Opposite Way, for only $7.99 on iTunes.
Click the album cover below to download your copy right now!

LeeLand Reps

iTunes Only Special Offer – “Unbreakable” Album $7.99!

FireFlight Reps

Hey everyone!

Hey Everyone! Wanted to let you all know that Jeremy’s latest album, “Speaking Louder Than Before” is ONLY $7.99 on iTunes!! CLICK HERE to get it today…keep in mind that Easter is around the corner 😉

Jeremy Camp Reps

“When I Say I Do” Now Available on iTunes!

Matthew’s new song, penned for KLOVE’s Next Great Love Song event on Valentine’s Day, is now available for download on iTunes for .99.
Click here to purchase “When I Say I Do” now. You can also purchase the sheet music in PDF format through the official store.

Something to Say On Sale for $7.99

iTunes is having an Easter sale, and that means you can purchase Something to Say for only $7.99! Sale ends 4/12.
Click here to download Something to Say on iTunes now.

Matthew West on iLike – Add iLike to your MySpace

Matthew West Reps

Portable Sounds is now only $7.99 at iTunes … AND it’s the bonus edition with two new remixes! Sale ends 4/12.

tobymac Reps


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