Israel Houghton Newz!

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Hey to all my friends. What a wild week this is around the release of the new cd.

I want to explain to you why I chose to do a “solo” record this time around. First solo record in over a decade. First studio. Record in over 6 years.

First of all I am so glad that so many of you like it. I am truiy grateful for so many of your kind words and reviews.

To explain, though this is the first time I have used my last name in the branding and it is without NewBreed in title; this record is still very involving of NewBreed at every level. Once you read through the album credits you will see not much has changed. We have used a few different musicians, but that is always intentional to keep things fresh and new. But I did it to actually create more space and platform for my true passion which is NewBreed.

The bigger story is this- NewBreed was never designed to be my back-up group. but to be a team, rather a family, a part of a worldwide movement of worshippers who love God and love the world that He so loves. So we set out at our last Deeper Level conference to put our money where our mouth is and have Daniel Johnson and Buddy Strong write, arrange, and produce a new live NewBreed record entitled Generation:LOVE.
My involvement is thy they allowed me to PAY for it!!!! LOL!!!
So I have proudly executively produced a live masterpiece coming out very soon- that I’m not singing on and I’m just as excited about that record as this one.

So we are not ending NewBreed; not by a long shot- but we are growing multiplying, and of course we will continue to do records as Israel and NewBreed and asIsrael Hoighton and as NewBreed. And coming later this year; a NewBreed Next project which will start giving a platform to the next generation from age 10-16. Look for that as well.

Hope this clears up any concern, confusion, and conjecture.
We don’t die we multiply!!!!
Love you all.

Israel Houghton’s Street Team

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