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Just Wanna' Say on iTunes!


On the eve of releasing my first solo recording in over a decade, I am truly nervous! I never get nervous. But I am. Strange. There is a sense of giving birth a bit.
Except I’ve been feeling these contractions since like September!!!! So much to say, all of which has been captured very well, I have no regrets or apologies about this record. I love everything about it. I mean…. I guess I could tell you that I wish I wouldve added that acoustic guitar part in the second chorus of I RECEIVE, and that I wish I would’be shouted out tobyMac’s name before his entrance on YOU FOUND ME. I kinda wish we could’ve put OTHERS on the actual physical record and not just iTunes etc etc etc. But truthfully; I’ve never been happier and more pleased to present my work ever!!!
Songwise, sonically, musically, lyrically, I am happy. I hope you are too

The Israel Houghton Team


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