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Hey PEEPZ…Eddie here,

Well we are at crunch time right now guys.. Vocals on the album should hopefully be done by the end of the week and then we just have to do some last bit of polishing up on some stuff musically. Some bass and guitar and possibly an added instrument or 2.
After that, it’s mixing time! WOW!

Why the update? Well, I am asking that you please pray for God’s hand on this record…The Lord has given me some songs that I have been able to pen that I believe will not just ROCK your socks off-lol, but more importantly, bring you into a deep worship experience with our God. We have songs on this record that are great Energy filled Praise-POP-ROCK songs that we know you are gonna love, but also, there are songs that I believe, and am believing, that worship leaders everywhere will be able to take these songs and make them their own…They will be able to play them acoustically if they want and lead their churches into a powerful time of worship. This is my belief and hope for certain songs on this album. Yes, that’s right…some songs are Sunday morning and some, are not-lol. When everything is finished we will have chord charts available and a special note to worship leaders that I will put up as a blog probably. I am believing that the listener will connect and relate to these songs and that they will go to that place. I am NOT a ROCKSTAR guys…I am an old school worship leader that has been Blessed to work with a great team to create the record that God called me to make a number of years ago. God has clearly made a way and I am humbled by all that He has brought to fruition so far…It blows me away man, you have no idea.

The producer: What can I say man…For those of you that know the history, you know that I came from yrs of doing Gospel hip-hop and also that in those yrs. I worked with some of the most incredible producers to ever touch an MPC-lol. And, that this is my 5th recorded project since 1994 and that I am no stranger to the studio right? LOL Well you know what? That stuff does not mean anything as working with producer Conley Abrams has been unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Working with a producer like this has brought everything to another level and he has taken our arrangements and made them shine!…I can’t even tell you how excited I am for you to hear everything when it is done. We are preparing you a full meal…I can promise you that! We are working with a PLATINUM professional guys, no argument here.
I know there are people out here that really support what we are doing and then there are some that just know us through the net here, but I just thought I would give you the update because we are getting closer to being done and it’s a Blessing! As a BAND: As a band we are all on the same page and have enjoyed our time of rest from playing gigs…We know that time is over and we will be hitting it hard when this album is finished and cannot wait to meet you all at our shows. Please continue to pray for this band and completion of this record and that GOD will use us on big scale for His glory.

It’s gonna be a GREAT Summer guys!

-Eddie(Kerygma Reps)


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